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Our Home Health Care Team consists of:

Managing your health needs at home is important, and our home health services are positioned to work for you conveniently, comfortably in the most knowledgeable and caring way possible from further worsening and decline that is otherwise preventable right in the home, and more affordable.

We realize that health care is personal and individual to your needs especially when you or somebody you know may benefit from our services. For those patients that you know that are being discharged or coming out of the hospital, rehab floor, skilled nursing facility, or long term acute care there will be a transition period when coming back home to the community and adjusting with the illness and medications at home. This transitional period at home is critical, requiring follow-up, reminders, and teaching that our services by our Transitional Care Team can provide.

One out of every four Medicare patients become readmitted back to the hospital. The federal government was very aware of this as it contributed to higher health costs, and thus requires all health providers implement a method to improve their quality of care and control hospital readmissions especially within the first 30 days from an inpatient discharge.

We also realize that it is very important for our patients to take charge of their health care. We believe patients have the Right to Better Health Care. Assured Home Healthcare establishes a relationship right away with our patients and their families to maximize every health dollar that is put in. We inform and educate our patients and their families to avoid being a victim of health care fraud even right here in our home of Northwest Indiana. To read more please click here.

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